Student Wellbeing

Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Team provides free confidential counselling and support to all students, parents/care givers wishing to access the service. Students and parents/care givers may self-refer.

Any issue may be raised in a session. Issues may relate to the school, home or community environment. The following is a sample of issues raised: relationships, grief, anger, self-esteem, abuse, bullying, health, conflict, changes in self, family or school, stress and time management. The services are confidential and voluntary.

To organise a confidential appointment with Melinda ( or Andrew ( either see a member of the office staff at the Student Counter, the Front Counter or email them.  


College Counsellors - Mrs Melinda Libke and Mr Andrew Prince

   Melinda                         Andrew Prince

  • provides confidential counselling and support for students attending The Cathedral College and their parents/care givers
  • provides support and general developmental information pertaining to adolescence to teachers and parents/care givers
  • provides mediation between students, student and staff, student and parents/care givers.

Melinda and Andrew provide a safe, welcoming, non-judgemental environment for students and/or parents/care givers to explore their issues and concerns. Students and parents/care givers are encouraged to examine their current and future choices, actions and goals. Strengths and resources are identified and plans of action are developed which will assist in healthy and safe solutions.



Indigenous Education Liaison Officer – Ms Jazzman Major

Jazzman Major

  • assists Teachers and all College Staff members to help/support/understand the real needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • helps resolve difficulties experienced by students, teachers and parents/care givers of The Cathedral College community
  • assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students living at our Boarding Houses
  • supports students to achieve and complete their studies
  • encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to participate fully in school life.

Jazzman supports and encourages all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and the wider community to become active members in our Catholic Education life and to “Come, live life in all its fullness.”


Student Support Officer – Mr Roy Thompson


provides the following confidential services:

  • support in everyday school needs
  • assistance with any of Centrelink payments
  • designing of study programs
  • help with time management
  • Bullying and Harassment prevention through class programs
  • support and link to Boarding students and parents/care givers
  • ensuring that each student is helped to fulfil the College Motto ”Come, live life in all its fullness”
  • is a ‘rock of support’ for students who just need to talk.

Roy provides a very friendly and confidential environment for students and parents/care givers.

Appointments can also be made for Melinda, Andrew, Stephanie or Roy by phoning the College on (07) 4999 1300 or by emailing at

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