Our Catholic College

Vision and Mission Statements (incorporating the Core Values)



Vision Statement

The Cathedral College Community will strive by word and action to respond to Christ’s call to "Come, live life in all its fullness." (John 10:10).

Mission Statement

  • To embody the core values of gratitude, respect and compassion as lived by Christ
  • To share in the evangelising role of the Church and to promote leadership as service
  • To provide a quality curriculum that encourages excellence, engages with the beliefs and values of a Catholic worldview and prepares young people to embrace their future with confidence and resilience
  • To accept, support and encourage the unique giftedness of each member of the community in a spirit of respectful collaboration
  • To value the traditions of the past by which the ethos of the College is influenced, particularly the charisms of Blessed Edmund Rice and Venerable Catherine McAuley
  • To celebrate the gifts that the boarding community brings to the College and support their particular needs
  • To provide opportunities for growth of the whole person - spiritually, academically, personally, socially, culturally and physically
  • To create an environment of outreach, particularly to the marginalised, through just and peaceful actions

Core Values

We practise GRATITUDE by:

  • Choosing each day to be grateful and see life as a gift
  • Acknowledging, praising and thanking God for God’s unconditional love for us and all that God has given us
  • Appreciating and expressing our thanks in word and deed for what we receive from others
  • Allowing others to show their appreciation of us.

We practise RESPECT by:

  • Thinking and acting in a positive way about ourselves and others because we are all made in the image of God
  • Recognising and appreciating that each person is unique with their own skills and talents
  • Seeking to create an environment where discussion, constructive feedback and new ideas are valued
  • Valuing and caring for the earth, all creation and all that we use.

We practise COMPASSION by:

  • Recognising that compassion was at the heart of the ministry of Jesus
  • Forgiving ourselves when we fail in some way in order that we can also forgive others
  • Being deeply aware of others in their pain and fears and doing what we can to ease their suffering
  • Acknowledging the interdependence of all living beings who are all part of one another and all involved in one another.
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