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Semester Two Reports

Semester Two reports will be available digitally through the College’s Parent Lounge portal on Friday 1 December.  It is strongly recommended that parents check to ensure they can access the portal prior to the reports being made available.

Please note that there are no College Reports for Year 12 students.  These reports are sent by QCAA.  It is essential that all digital Year 12 Reports are downloaded and saved as they will not be available in Parent Lounge after 17 November.

If you have any issues with using Parent Lounge, need help changing your password or cannot access your account, you will need to contact the College using the email address

Brenda Mallory (Assistant Principal:  Curriculum)


QCAA-developed Resources for Students and Parents

Relevant to Year 7, 8, 9

Resources and information about the new systems of senior assessment and tertiary entrance

  • Introducing new senior assessment and tertiary entrance: From syllabus to subject result
  • From syllabus to subject result: a short video explaining the new system.


Relevant to Year 10

Pathway planning publications

  • Year 10: What next?   Preparing for the senior phase of learning
  • Planning QCE pathways factsheet
  • QCE PowerPoint presentations


Relevant to Year 11 and 12

QCS Test publications

  • About the QCS Test 2017
  • QCS Test: A guide for parents and carers


Relevant to Year 11 and 12

Tertiary entrance publications

  • OP Fast Facts
  • Calculating OPs: The basic principles •


Resources for Year 12 students

  • Student Connect magazine 


Mrs Brenda Mallory (Assistant Principal: Curriculum)