Humanities and Social Science

Humanities and Social Science subjects at The Cathedral College equip students with the knowledge and skills in order to make a difference in our dynamic world.

The Humanities and Social Science Department is an innovative and motivated team who recognises the need for meaningful inquiry and discovery learning. Studying Humanities and Social Science subjects can lead to careers in law, politics, education, conservation, specialised research and many more.

Humanities and Social Science in Year 7, 8 and 9 assists young people to understand how life experiences are the result of particular social, cultural, economic and environmental relationships that characterise communities at particular times and places.

The units covered throughout these year levels are:

Year 7


  • Water in the World
  • Place and Liveability


  • Investigating the Ancient Past
  • The Mediterranean World
  • The Asian World

Civics and Citizenship

  • Exploring how Australia’s legal and political systems protect its citizens

Year 8


  • Landscapes and landforms
  • Changing Nations


  • Medieval Europe
  • Ancient Japan
  • The Spanish Conquest of the Americas

Civics and Citizenship

  • Exploring influences that shape citizenship in Australia’s democracy

Year 9


  • Biomes and Food Security
  • Geography of Interconnections


  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Australia – Making a Nation
  • World War I

Civics and Citizenship

  • Examining how Australia’s political and legal systems enable change

Students in Year 10 enjoy a choice from a range of specialised Humanities-based subjects which are offered on a semester basis including: Modern History, Ancient History, Geography and Legal Studies. During this year, students are exposed to enriching introductory topics that will link to Humanities and Social Science subjects offered in the Senior School.   There are many excursions and field trips within our community such as the exciting visit to the Court House in Legal Studies.  The units covered throughout these year levels are:

Year 10


  • Environmental change and Management
  • Geographies of human wellbeing


  • World War II
  • Rights and Freedoms
  • Popular Culture

Ancient History

  • Ancient Rome
  • Archaeology
  • Personalities in History

Legal Studies

  • Living with the Law

In the Senior School, (Year 11 and 12), the Humanities and Social Science Department currently offers Geography, Modern History, Ancient History and Legal Studies. These subjects foster a commitment to inquiry-based learning, open-minded debate, human rights and responsibilities, improvements in the quality of life, social justice and ecological sustainability. Beyond the classroom, these Humanities subjects are regarded as highly important by major companies and tertiary institutions for building skills in decision making, communication and visioning.

 Across all year levels, the Humanities and Social Science Department is committed to providing inspiring, active and relevant educational opportunities in a challenging learning environment.

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