Mathematics at The Cathedral College is an integral part of a general education. It can enhance understanding of our world and the quality of our participation in a rapidly changing society.

The Mathematics Department is an innovative and motivated team which recognises the need for meaningful inquiry and discovery learning. Studying Mathematics subjects can lead to careers in Engineering, Meteorology, Radiology, Optometry and many more.

In Year 7, 8 and 9, Mathematics assists young people to be active, thinking citizens interpreting the world mathematically and using Mathematics to help form their predictions and decisions about personal and financial priorities.

Students in Year 10 may study either Essential, General or Specialist Mathematics.  Each of these subjects are geared to prepare students for the new Senior Syllabuses.  Students who have studied Mathematics Foundations in the Middle School are able study Year 10 Essential Mathematics which is a direct pathway to Senior Essential Mathematics.

In Years 11 and 12, the Mathematics Department offers a suite of subjects, including Essential Mathematics (Applied); General Mathematics (General); Mathematical Methods (General); and Specialist Mathematics (General).  Essential Mathematics is designed to help students improve their numeracy by building their confidence and success in making meaning of Mathematics. General Mathematics relates to the Mathematics used in personal and work situations. There is a focus on knowledge and understanding through investigation and problem solving based learning. Mathematical Methods provides the students with unique and powerful ways of viewing the world to investigate patterns, generality and uncertainty, use inductive and deductive reasoning or create an activity with its own intrinsic value, involving invention, intuition and exploration. Specialist Mathematics aims to extend the competency and confidence of students in Mathematics beyond the scope of Mathematical Methods, and to provide further opportunities for students to participate more fully in lifelong mathematical learning.

The Mathematics Department is involved in a number of competitions throughout the year. These include the QAMT Problem Solving competition, Mathematics Teams Challenge and the Year 8 competition.

Across all year levels, the Mathematics Department is committed to providing inspiring, active and relevant educational opportunities in the challenging learning environment.

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