The English Department is primarily responsible for the continuing development of the literacy, language and literary skills of the students of the College. Through their study of English at The Cathedral College, students develop aptitude in their language use and sophistication in their thinking.



Literacy in and for the 21st century, requires engagement with a diverse range of texts from canonical classics to digital narratives. Students in English subjects improve the capacity not only to think, write and speak with precision and clarity, but to use vastly different textual sources and forms in creative and imaginative ways. Inherent in developing clear and effective communication is our need to develop an appreciation for our cultural heritage as contained in all types of literature over time both in English and as translated from other cultures. English as our prime means of communications makes all career paths available but, in particular, suggests careers in Humanities based areas such as teaching, creative writing, journalism, literary studies, linguistics, social media, sociology, psychology, philosophy and many more.

The English Department welcomed Year 7 and 8 to the College in 2015.  It continues to work closely with the Middle School team in order to provide a smooth learning transition. Both Year 7 and 8, as well as Year 9, is based on the Australian Curriculum: English. The Year 7-9 Junior English Program at the College focusses on explicit literacy instruction, collaborative and active learning, reading for pleasure, digital and visual literacies and a reduced assessment load. We provide challenges for our gifted and talented students while offering support for students with learning needs.

Year 10 English is also based on the Australian Curriculum: English and focusses on preparing students for the challenge of Senior English. The Senior School offers Senior English based on the 2010 Syllabus in which a variety of texts provide a stimulating experience for students. We also cater for the non-OP students undertaking vocational training with English Communications based on the 2004 SAS syllabus. This offers assistance with employment based literacy tasks as well as developing life long communication practices including critical literacy. Gifted and talented students are offered the 2011 Senior English Extension as an extra subject parallel to their Senior English in Year 12 as a two-semester subject. Here students engage with texts at a level that demands sophisticated higher ordering thinking skills as they use a wide range of challenging contemporary theoretical approaches to literary texts.

The English Department’s belief in the importance of public speaking as an essential tool for life has established a proud record in speaking competitions. To foster this excellence, we host the annual Junior and Senior Oratory competitions which are a proud tradition of excellence in public speaking at the College.



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