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Novena for Fr Chris 

Attached and below you will find information regarding praying a Novena through the intercession of St Mary MacKillop for Fr Chris Schick.  Also below is a lovely photo of Fr Chris that you might like to use while praying the Novena.

We will be praying this at school on Monday and Tuesday as the morning prayer over the PA, and in PC groups for Wednesday and Friday as students will be on exams from Wednesday.  I have also sent this to our students and asked them to pray this Novena each day from Sunday.

Following is the message that has been sent around the Diocese.

 Novena prayer for Fr Chris Schick

You are invited to participate in a Novena – praying with St Mary MacKillop, for Fr Chris Schick at this time as he continues to receive treatment in Brisbane.  To participate you say the Novena prayer each day, at any time, for 9 consecutive days.  A relic of St Mary MacKillop has also been sent to Fr Chris. The Novena is planned to start this Sunday 11 June. Fr Chris is very appreciative of all the prayers and support and well wishes for him at this time.


Fr Chris

Thank you all for your continuing prayerful support of Fr Chris and his family at this time.


Sacraments Preparation

Preparation has commenced for the Sacraments of baptism, confirmation, first eucharist and first reconciliation every Tuesday at first break.  Students will receive their Sacraments at the TCC/Paris Mass on Saturday 2 September. If parents would like their students to be prepared for these sacraments could they please contact Mrs Claire Stitt by e-mail or ring Mrs Stitt at the College on 49991300.